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From clogged nozzle to faulty bed calibration - we've got all the possible reasons for filament sticking to nozzle and the solutions to each of them

From low voltage to temperature problems - we've got solutions to extruder clicking in a 3D printer, as well as look at popular models' repairment

Here, we give all the basic information about both filaments and compare their physical properties and uses.

We cover different filaments that look like rubber after printing and explain why you can't print rubber as such.

From learning the main factors that make the printing process to calculating each project's time - we've got the most important info for you to understand how long does 3D printing take

From printing earphones to creating jewelry, from renting the device to teaching how to use it - we've got the most effective ways on how to make money with a 3D printer

From this article, you will learn how to calculate 3D printing shell thickness, which factors influence its stability and how it's formed

In this article, we have tips on what to do with the finished printing, how to remove supports, and how to sand the printing surface properly.

Review Many people were initially skeptical over the so-called upgrade, but Creality is a 3D printer-manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China that makes filament printers and resin printers. Their product line consists of DIY kits intended for hobby use, printers intended for industrial use, filament and other ...

After reading this article, you will find out how much does your printer consume electricity and learn a few tricks on lowering its consumption.