About us

Whether you’re new to the world of 3D printing, or you’ve already had an experience of working with these relatively new devices, we know how hard it can be to choose a particular model. After all, it must be a functional, reliable, high-precision unit that you can entrust your creations to.

Normally, you would start your search with a little initial diving into the topic: you need to understand some basic technical specifications as well as the principles which 3D printing technology is based on. Sounds intimidating? Time-consuming? Too complicated to put your effort in it? It’s understandable, and that’s why this website was created. We’ve done all the hard work for you, providing only necessary information. With no prattling.

With our help, you’ll not only learn all the theoretical info on 3D printing, but also get a list of the most trustworthy models that the market has to offer.

How do we compile our lists of the best models?

It’s all simple: we do the same work you would do if you wanted to find a decent model on you own.

First goes the initial topic research. Our experts spend tens of hours on each topic to find out all the technical nuances that are crucial when looking for a particular product. A list of these specifications is being made, and it becomes our guide at the following stage.

Then the product search starts. We scour the net, trying to find only the most functional models, with high ratings and positive real buyer reviews (using special tools to identify unnatural ones). Also, sales history and statistics are taken into account to get an idea of whether the product stood the test of time.

A list of potentially best products is ready. All the models are then tested by our expert team to give each one its real rating, as well as to determine its pros and cons the manufacturer might not be claiming. All our findings are then presented in a form of an all-encompassing, detailed review which is designated to make your shopping decision informed, quick, and effective.

Our Team

William McCollum
Research Writer
William is a talented journalist who’s been working in the industry for more than 10 years. He writes for our site on a freelance basis, putting all the expert findings together into Read More
Christopher Groesbeck
Chris is a fantastic SEO specialist who’s always been interested in 3D modeling. To pursue this hobby, he’s created this site which he hopes, will be helpful for not only him. Read More
Rogelio Coulter
Expert Consultant
Rogelio is a tech genius. It seems like he knows everything when it comes to “How does it work?”. He is also an incredible IT specialist and a beginning graphic designer.

Are we sponsored?

We do not collaborate with any particular manufacturers. We’re participants of the Amazon Affiliate Program, which means we get commissions for each product that was sold with the help of our reviews. It gives us complete freedom in our research, as we do not need to promote a certain model or brand.