Best 3D Printing YouTube Channels for Fun and Education

From fun-loving experimenters who use unusual printing materials to beginner-friendly creators - we chose the best 3D printing YouTube channels
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Last updated: August 19, 2023
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When you start to learn a new hobby, it’s important to gather as much information about it as possible. This can come in the form of articles, first-hand accounts, and even online videos. There are many 3D printing YouTube channels that you can peruse, which will walk you through how-to demonstrations as well as give you some inspiration. With all these channels, however, it can be a little overwhelming to find what you really need.

In this article, we are going to look at 25 of the best 3D printing YouTube channels. We’ll explain what their focus is, who the author is, and what you can expect when you watch their videos. We hope we can help you narrow down all the information so that you can get into what really excites you.

Best 3D Printing YouTube Channels

YouTube has long been the best platform for experts Trusted Source YouTube Outlines Key Areas of Growth, Including the Rise of Shorts and its Expanding Creator Economy While TikTok continues to rise, and other platforms eat into the digital video market, YouTube remains the overall leader in the space. And based on its current strategic planning and growth, it looks set to stay that way for some time to come. to showcase their knowledge and get paid while doing it. As such, there are a lot of content creators. We present you with 25 of the best YouTube channels that specifically talk about 3D printing. While there are many more out there, we feel that these are some of the best options you can find.

3D Printing Nerd

The author of 3D Printing Nerd, Joel Telling is so popular that he even has a series of videos with actor Neil Patrick Harris. In one video, he even spends 87 days with Harris making such innovative printing as a whistle that actually works. Other videos that Joel Telling produces on his YouTube channel include imaginative creations such as a hairy lion and a coin sorting tool. There are explanatory videos about what filament is and how to stop wasting plastic during the printing process.

Channel author Joel Telling
Subscribers 500,000+
Channel created (MDY) 04.04.2015
Location USA

Most popular video:

3D Print – Tech Design

Don’t be fooled by the nationality of YouTube presenter Anton Månsson. While he does live in Sweden, the videos on his channel are all in English, so anyone can follow along. He has a slight accent but it is very easy to understand and his videos give good, simple explanations for what you can accomplish with 3D printing. Some videos you can expect to find include preparing your 3D printing workshop, printing jewelry, and reviews of various printers.

Channel author Anton Månsson
Subscribers 16,000+
Channel created (MDY) 08.15.2010
Location Sweden

Most popular video:

A Pyro Design

With a cool name like A Pyro Design, YouTuber Travis has created some pretty amazing videos. This is perhaps more of a masculine channel but the information is relative to the whole world of 3D printing, so anyone can take inspiration from the videos. Some collections include creating a bento box and there are plenty of printer reviews. What is really unique about A Pyro Design is that there are many videos on how to bring the logos of your favorite games and series, such as the Avengers and Assassin’s Creed to life by printing them.

Channel author Travis
Subscribers 14,000+
Channel created (MDY) 09.02.2006
Location USA

Most popular video:

Abuzz Designs

With the world of tech still being dominated by men, it’s refreshing to have a female Youtuber explain the world of 3D printing. In her channel, Lauren Renee features tutorials on how to create glasses, fidget spinners, and even Christmas cards. Her videos are easy to understand and her creativity is quite amazing. While this is still an up and coming YouTube channel, you will be impressed by the amount of content she is able to create.

Channel author Lauren Renee
Subscribers 3,000+
Channel created (MDY) 04.01.2014
Location USA

Most popular video:

Barnacules Nerdgasm

What happens when you combine 3D printing with nerd culture and coding? You get the incredibly interactive YouTube channel Barnacules Nerdgasm. Host Jerry Berg began his videos while he worked at Microsoft so a lot of his inspiration comes from this company, including multiple references to Bill Gates. He now works full-time on this YouTube channel and has created content about many topics, including 3D printer pens. There is a lot of extra content, so don’t expect everything to be about 3D printing.

Channel author Jerry Berg
Subscribers 800,000+
Channel created (MDY) 07.20.2006
Location USA

Most popular video:


Right away you will find a beginner’s guide to 3D printing when you click on the CHEP YouTube channel. The host, Chuck Hellebuyck, has an incredible variety of videos that you can gain inspiration from. Start with 3D printing projects such as a kayak paddle and if you want more of a challenge, you can even learn basic electronic projects. There are a number of videos on filaments and printer technology, so what you can learn is almost infinite.

Channel author Chuck Hellebuyck
Subscribers 200,000+
Channel created (MDY) 03.07.2010
Location USA

Most popular video:

Chaos Core Tech

Chaos Core Tech features the dynamic duo of Garrett and Chelsea. They have plenty of videos for you to learn from but their specialty is mini figurines. There are multiple video compilations that include Pokémon, dinosaurs, and Charlie Brown characters. If you are a gamer or slot yourself in the nerd culture at the moment, you will be impressed with just how many character videos you are. And, if your favorites aren’t available yet, the team is pretty happy to take requests.

Channel author Garrett Kearney
Subscribers 50,000+
Channel created (MDY) 08.04.2015
Location USA

Most popular video:

Daniel Norée

Another YouTuber from Sweden, Daniel Norée knows everything there is about 3D printing. He might not be the best for beginners as his videos have a lot of tech terminology behind them but if you have some experience with 3D printing, you will be impressed with his videos on how he keeps his filament dry and how he creates various objects. There are quite a few videos on model RC cars that work well, so if this is a hobby of yours, you can tie the two activities together for some extra fun.

Channel author Daniel Norée
Subscribers 14,000+
Channel created (MDY) 12.22.2011
Location Sweden

Most popular video:


Run by Simone Fontana, FNTSMN is a YouTube channel all about 3D printing and creating designs. There are great playlists including unboxing 3D printers so you can see all the details about new technology if you are looking to purchase new equipment. You can also find videos on such cool creations as a bubble penholder. The one issues with the FNTSMN channel is that there isn’t a lot of new content. In fact, the most recent video is two years old. While the creative content will still be relevant, the new technology videos will quickly become outdated as there are always new machines being created.

Channel author Simone Fontana
Subscribers 7,000+
Channel created (MDY) 10.27.2007
Location United Kingdom

Most popular video:

Hoffman Engineering

With a background in mechanical engineering, Christopher Hoffman has used his knowledge to create a YouTube channel with plenty of expert advice. He has multiple videos about CAD programs for design and even shows you how to scan 3D objects at home. His review of the Creality Ender 3 V2 is especially informative, as are his other detailed videos. You can learn how to create an advent calendar for Christmas and even make an X-wing kit. An impressive part of the channel is that there are plenty of reviews about different printers. You can see up close and personal how the printers work, which will help you in any future purchases.

Channel author Christopher Hoffman
Subscribers 20,000+
Channel created (MDY) 05.19.2014
Location USA

Most popular video:

I Like To Make Stuff

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective and that is certainly the case with the YouTube channel I Like to Make Stuff. Produced by Bob Claget, this channel has over 3 million subscribers, which should tell you something about the quality of the content. Bob Claget is all about making cool stuff and showing you how to do it, too. While there are certainly 3D printing tutorial videos, you may have to search for them a bit. The rest of the channel’s videos range from outdoor projects to electronics, so if you really like to make stuff, to, you till have an endless supply of inspiration.

Channel author Bob Claget
Subscribers 3,200,000+
Channel created (MDY) 02.06.2013
Location USA

Most popular video:

Kirby Downey

Truly international, Kirby Downey is originally from South Africa although is now lives in the United Kingdom. Kirby loves 3D printing and his channel had just about everything you need to know about this creative hobby. You will find videos about different resins as well as how to create video game-inspired toys and accessories. You can watch pre-recorded videos or watch live-streams, so there are plenty of options. You will also find various printer reviews to help you get started in this field.

Channel author Kirby Downey
Subscribers 10,000+
Channel created (MDY) 08.07.2013
Location UK

Most popular video:

Make Anything

Have you ever wondered just what the limits are to 3D printing? Well, with the Make Anything YouTube channel hosted by Devin Montes, it seems like the possibilities are endless. From snowflake ornaments to ambiguous shapes, there are some pretty cool designs. In addition to creative videos, you can also find reviews on printers, new technology, and design elements. The videos are easy to understand and Devin creates them in an easy to follow manner.

Channel author Devin Montes
Subscribers 600,000+
Channel created (MDY) 04.17.2014
Location USA

Most popular video:

Maker’s Muse

By using technology to pursue your creative endeavors, you can achieve just about anything. Maker’s Muse, hosted by Angus Deveson, is all about fun projects, informative tutorials, and impactful reviews. You can learn how to create innovative rolling objects and even movable cars. There are reviews on 3D printing technology to help you navigate all the options out there. The best part of this YouTube channel is the section for beginners. You can watch short videos that explain all the processes of printing. There is even a section of videos on CAD, if you’re new to the design world.

Channel author Angus Deveson
Subscribers 900,000+
Channel created (MDY) 12.30.2013
Location USA

Most popular video:


As its name suggests, Nerdforge is a YouTube channel all about nerd culture and creating. It is hosted by Martina and Hansi, who are from Norway. Martina is especially active and her electric pink hair is a sign of her youth and coolness. You can find videos that create massive apocalyptic cities and mythical books. If you want to transport yourself into a mythical world and do so through technology, you will love their channel.

Channel author Martina & Hansi
Subscribers 1,400,000+
Channel created (MDY) 11.12.2015
Location Norway

Most popular video:


Austin Neathery, the host of NeatherBot, is really into 3D printing, quadcopters, and Arduino. He combines his love of these three things into his popular channel. Here you can find videos about how 3D printing works, as well, as updates on all his creative projects. While his projects are pretty specific and not for beginners, they are very interesting to watch.

Channel author Austin Neathery
Subscribers 11,000+
Channel created (MDY) 04.25.2013
Location USA

Most popular video:

Punished Props Academy

Sharing their love of gaming, TV shows, and movies, husband and wife team Bill and Brittany Doran can create just about anything. They have categories such as beginner content and advanced content, which will help you as you gain confidence and experience. Some masterful creations by this team include Ghostbusters goggles, Lord of the Rings swords, and a Loki mask. You can find accessories from your favorite video games, such as World of Warcraft and the section on Halloween costume ideas is incredibly inspiring.

Channel author Bill and Brittany Doran
Subscribers 700,000
Channel created (MDY) 12.23.2011
Location USA

Most popular video:

Print That Thing

To put it simply, Print That Thing is exactly what you can expect from the creator, Jwall. You have access to incredibly videos that are very inspiring. What’s more, is that you can take a lot of these ideas and actually monetize your productions. While a lot of 3D printing is for fun, this channel is all about creating objects with a purpose. If there’s a problem, Print That Thing wants to offer a solution. Videos include creating a harness for a cat and tutorials in printing hair. One unique section includes interviews with 3D printer entrepreneurs.

Channel author Jwall
Subscribers 19,000+
Channel created (MDY) 05.11.2014
Location USA

Most popular video:


RCLifeOn is a YouTube channel created by Swedish Simon Sörensen. It combines his love of 3D printing and RC vehicles, and the result is a lot of fun. There are plenty of videos that show you how to create RC cars and boats, such as an ice vehicle. Other popular videos include crafting a wolverine glove with retractable claws. There are also impressive videos of 3D printers in action that are pretty mesmerizing.

Channel author Simon Sörensen
Subscribers 700,000+
Channel created (MDY) 01.15.2014
Location Sweden

Most popular video:

Richard Horne

If you have a question about 3D printing, Richard Horne, and his YouTube channel can probably answer it. His mission is to design, test, build, and review all things 3D printing. You can find videos on such interesting topic as types of materials and how to create a DIY filament storage box. There are plenty of beginner videos but as Richard states, most of his designs are done on semi-industrial machines.

Channel author Richard Horne
Subscribers 13,000+
Channel created (MDY) 03.20.2011
Location United Kingdom

Most popular video:


Naomi Wu hosts this YouTube channel which is a mash-up of tech reviews, 3D printing, and a glimpse into her life in Shenzhen, China. Naomi Wu definitely uses her attractiveness as angle to get more viewers which, while may be great for male viewers, may detract from female viewers. However, if you can get past the crop tops, you will realize she is incredibly knowledgeable. As for 3D printing videos, there are specific playlists that allow you to see what she is creating.

Channel author Naomi Wu
Subscribers 1,500,000+
Channel created (MDY) 05.12.2016
Location China

Most popular video:

The Hot End

Anthony Martin is a self-described nerd and he really brings his passion to his videos. You can find informative videos about laser engravers, fixing filament issues, and plenty of equipment reviews. There are not many how-to videos so this may not be the best channel if you are looking for creative inspiration. The channel is filled with plenty of information, including a great video about the Logitech C922 Pro, which is an impressive camera built specifically for video streaming.

Channel author Anthony Martin
Subscribers 21,000+
Channel created (MDY) 06.17.2015
Location Australia

Most popular video:


Merging the world of 3D printing and RC vehicles, Tech2C is hosted by Chris. Here you can find a wide range of videos that begin with basics like how to store your filament and then move into how to actually print objects, such as cooling fans and even a quadcopter. You can find out how to laser cut with a 3D printer and even discover insider hacks about such programs as Cura. If you have a 3-in-1 3D printer, Cura is especially important to understand.

Channel author Chris
Subscribers 71,000+
Channel created (MDY) 05.18.2014
Location USA

Most popular video:

Thomas Sanladerer

German-born Thomas Sanlanderer is an expert at 3D printing but that doesn’t stop him from patiently explaining the basics to beginners. There are multiple videos about the world of 3D printing, including basic steps as choosing the right printer and what all the different parts are called. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then go onto more complex videos including hot to make strong shelves and how to clean a clogged nozzle.

Channel author Thomas Sanladerer
Subscribers 400,000+
Channel created (MDY) 06.14.2013
Location Germany

Most popular video:

James Bruton

DIY enthusiasts will revel in what James Bruton is able to accomplish. His videos include just about everything, from robotics to electrical, and 3D printing. If you love to make things, this isa great place to start. As for 3D printing, there are many videos including how to make a robot dog and how to make a Batman cosplay suit.

Channel author James Bruton
Subscribers 1,000,000+
Channel created (MDY) 09.23.2006
Location USA

Most popular video:

Choosing by purpose

3D printing is here to stay, with global purchasing rising year after year Trusted Source Global 3D Printer Market Report (2021 to 2030 ) - COVID-19 Growth and Change This report provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global 3d printer manufacturing market. . As such, you there is now more information about the industry than ever, including YouTube channels. Now that we know some of the best 3D videos on YouTube, you may want to narrow down your selection. Here are a few categories with some YouTube channels that really stand out.


Beginners to 3D printing may be overwhelmed at the beginning. But there are plenty of resources available. If you have children who are interested in the craft, these are some of the best 3D printers for kids. Or, if you’re an adult new to the experience, you can start with plenty of informative videos.

Maker’s Muse has a whole collection of videos for 3D printing beginners. They are short, to the point, and incredibly informative.

Thomas Sanladerer and his YouTube channel also have an excellent collection of beginner tutorials. If you are brand new to 3D printing, this is one of the best places to start.


Whether you love making things with 3D printing or are into other mediums, there are plenty of YouTube channels that are inspiring.

I Like to Make Stuff is exactly what you would expect it to be. The creator, Bob Claget, makes a wide variety of objects that will get your creative juices flowing.

James Bruton is also a great place to get inspired. He is very enthusiastic and shows off his love of creating. There are plenty of 3D printing designs but there are also robotic and electronic ideas.


3D printing has been popular for the past decade and as such, you may be someone who has a lot of experience. You may know exactly what type of technology you need, such as the best auto-leveling 3D printers. If this sounds like you, there are still many inspiring videos that delve deep into the mechanics of 3D printing.

Nerdforge is all about going bigger and bigger. The YouTube channel shows how to make giant fantasy worlds that feature goblins, dragons, and Vikings. It’s incredibly impressive but you will definitely need some prior experience with 3D printing.

Richard Horne is also focused on professional 3D printers. He uses semi-industrial machines for his creations so this is a good channel to go to if you are very familiar with the world of 3D printing.

Podcasts and news

While not as exhaustive as reviews and instruction videos, there is small niche for news videos on 3D printing. These are more about the industry rather than technical specifics.

Print That Thing has a selection of videos that include 3D printer entrepreneurs. In these 30-minute videos, you get to meet other 3D printers as they discuss such topics as how to stop people steeling designs and how to focus your printing skills.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the content available when it comes to 3D printing. Whether you are a beginner to the craft, are experienced, or are just an avid DIYer, there are plenty of 3D printing resources out there. Out list of 25 channels is a good sample of what to expect. With all the 3D printing YouTube channels we have reviewed, we are sure you can find content that will inform and inspire your mind.


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Global 3D Printer Market Report (2021 to 2030 ) - COVID-19 Growth and Change
This report provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global 3d printer manufacturing market.
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